Roofing Vents - Worth the Expense?

Long story short: YES!


Proper ventilation of your roof and attic can save you money in three major ways.


1. Increased longevity

Ventilation improves the overall life of your roof by allowing air flow. Good air flow prevents potential damage from moisture which can cause roof failure. Additionally, many roofing material warranties are voided if a roof is not vented to manufacturer’s specifications. The average cost of a new roof is between $6,000-$9,000 (, so it is important to maintain all aspects of your roof that will increase its longevity.

2. Lower utility costs

Vents help air flow, which helps keep your attic cooler in the summer. This can save you loads of money on utility bills, as your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. With proper ventilation and insulation, you can save up to 20% on electricity ( - that’s almost $20 per month for the average Michigan resident.

3. Prevent interior damage from moisture

Roof vents work with insulation to help keep your attic dry in the winter. Air flow from roof vents lowers the temperature in your attic to bring it closer to the outside temperature of the roof. This prevents condensation or moisture from forming in the attic, which can cause mold or rot to occur. The average cost of an attic cleaning and decontamination is $3,100 (Thumbtack). That is a steep price for something that is easily prevented with proper ventilation.


If you think your roof or attic may need improved ventilation, contact Atex Builders LLC!

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