Insurance Roofing - Are You Covered?

What types of roof damage are covered by insurance?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover damage to a home’s roof. After all, the roof is what protects the entire building. Typically, insurance will cover roof damage that is unavoidable. You will sometimes see the terms “Act of Nature” or “Act of God” referred to when dealing with insurance roofing. This generally refers to damage caused by weather such as wind, hail, or snow. Fire and vandalism are also covered events under most insurance policies.

What about leaks?

Roof leaks are covered by insurance if they are the result of a covered cause. For example, if a tree falls on the roof or an ice dam forms and causes the leak, it will be covered. If the leak is caused by an avoidable risk such as poor maintenance or neglect, it will not be covered.

Is my garage roof covered?

Many insurance policies offer “other structure protection.” This coverage protects your garage, pole barn, shed, or other structure from the same perils it does your home. If your policy has “other structure protection,” then the garage roof may also be paid for by the insurance company.

What kind of roof damage is NOT covered by insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance will not cover roof damage if the cause was avoidable. Avoidable causes of roof damage include neglect, poor maintenance, deterioration due to age, or damage from normal wear and tear.

Will insurance pay for everything?

Insurance will cover repair or replacement for covered damages up to your policy limit. You will have to pay your deductible as well as anything exceeding your policy limit. Beware! Some insurance policies have exclusion provisions for wind and hail damage, and older roofs may not be fully covered. Read through your individual policy for a better understanding of what is and isn’t covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

What if my roof is only partially paid for by insurance?

If insurance does not cover the whole cost of repairs or replacement, you will have to pay the remainder of the cost. However, roofing companies like Atex Builders LLC offer financing options to meet your budget, so you will not have to stress about large out-of-pocket expenses.

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