4 Benefits of Autumn Roof Replacement

While spring and summer months are the busiest for most roofers, autumn may be a better time to get your roof replaced. The following are four major benefits to fall roof replacement.

1. Less Hazardous Weather

Fall in the midwest is the least temperamental of the four seasons. This means that you will not have to worry about damage or delays due to spring and summer storms or wait for winter snow to melt.

2. Ideal Install Temps

Not only is fall weather less hazardous, the temperature is also perfect for installing new shingles. The ideal temperature for a roof installation according to most manufacturers is between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, fall temperatures are more comfortable for roofing installers, which may increase their efficiency.

3. Identify Problems

Scheduling a roof inspection for the fall is a good idea because it allows you to identify potential problems that could be worsened by the weight of winter snow or water from melting snow and ice. If these problems occur in winter, they are more difficult to fix because of slippery rooftops and low temperatures for roof installation or maintenance.

4. Energy Efficiency

Replacing your roof in the fall ensures maximum insulation and energy efficiency for the winter. This will help you save on heating bills during the winter months.

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