5 Top Remodeling Trends of 2018

I have been researching remodeling trends of for a few days now and not only do I want to remodel my entire house, I also want to share my picks for the top 5 trends of 2018. You may be aware of some of these already, but scroll through the list and you could find some surprise inspiration!

Trend #1 - Bold colors!


Neutrals are nice, but they might be a little boring for today's newest homeowners. We are seeing more and more BOLD color choices being used in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas. Colored kitchen cabinets are gaining popularity, taking the place of white or natural wood. In common areas and bathrooms, you can forget about accent walls. New homeowners are using those bold accent choices for all-over color. Popular options include violet, red, royal blue, turquoise, and - drum roll please - BLACK!


Trend #2 - Brass, copper, and gold!

When it comes to accents, silver-toned metals have always held strong. However, more and more homeowners are choosing gold-toned metals for accent pieces. Popular choices for sink faucets, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware are shifting from nickel and steel to brass and copper. We're not sure what is causing this style-shift, but we are all for it!


Trend #3 - Weird sinks!

Statement pieces will always be a feature of home design and decor. We've seen accent walls, bold-patterned chairs, and colorful backsplashes as statement pieces in recent years. This year, however, we're looking at statement sinks! Basin-style sinks, troughs, pedestal sinks, and unique materials like metal or natural stone will see an upswing in 2018. Couple one of these unique styles with some gold hardware and bold paint for the chicest bathroom on the block!


Trend #4 - Rustic themes!

Natural wood, pendant lighting, bench-seating, and shiplap...will the rustic trend ever lose momentum? Not this year! Butcher block countertops and shiplap paneling are two of the hottest remodeling trends right now. The neutral wood grain of butcher block counters pairs well with colored cabinetry, and shiplap gives a nice texture to otherwise-plain surfaces.


Trend #5 - Basement hang-outs!

Sunrooms, once a great selling-point for residential homebuyers, are declining in popularity. In their place, finished basements are becoming the desired space for lounging, socializing, and relaxing. Finished basements are becoming more and more luxurious, with bars, bathrooms, and sometimes full kitchens built into the space. Having a finished basement adds value and utility to a home, with a ROI of around 75 cents for every dollar (Source).



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