Why Attend a Home Show?

It’s obvious why businesses choose to exhibit at home shows. For one, it generates a lot of potential sales leads. Secondly, home shows also increase brand awareness. Lastly, trade shows provide a unique networking opportunity to companies operating in the same industry. But what’s in it for the attendees?

For current and future homeowners, there are many advantages to local home shows. Many of these events are free or inexpensive to attend and can lead to time and cost savings. The following are six key benefits of attending home shows.

1. It's all in one place!

Most trade shows have a variety of exhibitors who will be able to meet all of your home needs. This means that you will not have to spend hours on Google researching services or on the phone trying to speak with the right person. It’s all right there in one venue for your convenience.

In addition to convenience, home shows also provide the benefit of diversity. Not only are there a multitude of products and services available, but there are multiple vendors offering similar services, so you can “shop around” as you see fit. You’ll be able to speak with different representatives and choose the best company to fit your needs.

2. One-on-one time with company representatives.

Home shows give you a chance to talk to a real live person. This is helpful because companies can answer more detailed questions face-to-face than they could via email, messaging, or over the phone. Furthermore, businesses send their top employees to trade shows, so you’ll get the opportunity to speak with a true expert about your individual needs.

3. Higher quality options.

Trade show exhibitions cost a lot of money. Companies who participate in home shows often pay thousands of dollars to exhibit their products and services. This means that you’ll be speaking with companies who are dedicated to their industries and invested in your time. You can be sure that any vendor who spends the time and money it takes to set up a great trade show display is committed to providing quality service.

4. Trade show deals and promotions.

Many home show exhibitors offer special promotions for trade show attendees. From discounts to freebies, companies are trying their best to stand out from their competition. Some of the best deals of the year can be found at your local home show.

5. Gather ideas and information.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a specific product or service, you do not have to spend money to make the most of a home show. Attendees have the opportunity to speak to industry leaders, view new products and technology, and take note of goods or services they may need in the future. Capitalizing on the wealth of information available at a home show is one of the best ways to benefit from attending a home show.

6. It's FUN!

Lastly, our favorite reason to attend home shows – for the fun of it! In addition to having a ton of vendor booths with free branded merchandise, most shows have scheduled activities, demonstrations, and presentations to entertain attendees throughout the event. Free swag, hands-on product experiences, and knowledge from industry experts make trade shows enjoyable for exhibitors, homeowners, and their families.

At Atex Builders, we’ve been hard at work preparing for trade show season. We’ll be attending a variety of home shows around Michigan this winter and spring to promote our services. Now that you know why you should attend your local home show, we know we’ll see you there!

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