About Us

Atex Builders LLC

Atex Builders LLC is a general contracting company based in Troy, MI. We provide a variety of construction and restoration services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. We aim to provide safe, fast, and efficient solutions while maintaining high-quality workmanship and integrity.


Derived from the French term Atmosphères Explosibles, which literally translates to "explosive atmosphere". The term is appropriate for the construction and restoration industry, which can be unpredictable. Atex Builders is able to adapt to this unpredictability and restore calm in cases of calamity.


Our vision is to be the best customer-oriented and industry leading construction company in Michigan.


At Atex Builders LLC we work hard every day to maintain the best quality service and provide reliable, efficient solutions to each of our customers.


Our core values are honesty. integrity, quality, reliability, and hard work.

Our Team

Atex employs an excellent team of qualified staff members. We are a hard-working, collaborative, and honest group of individuals who are fully committed to serving our customers.

ATEX builders, CEO, owner, construction company

Grant Dryovage, Owner/CEO

A native of Southeast Michigan, Grant has been working in the construction industry for thirteen years. As founder of Atex Builders LLC, Grant is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions to customers and creating an open, collaborative, and innovative environment for employees. Grant sets the standard for company success through hard work, honesty, and ambition.

ATEX builders, office manager, construction company

Molly Keesling, Office Manager

Molly has administrative experience in a variety of industries. Her areas of expertise include small business administration, human resource development, and creative marketing. Molly is a senior at Oakland University pursuing a bachelors degree in human resources. Outside of work and school, Molly enjoys drinking a lot of coffee, playing fantasy sports, and watching Food Network.

project manager, construction company

Ben German, Project Manager

Ben has over fifteen years of experience in the construction industry. He has worked as a laborer, specialty roofer, and project manager, leading to a comprehensive understanding of skills and processes required on a job site. When he isn't at work, Ben likes to spend time with his two boys, ages 2 and 4.

dog, puppy, mastiff, office dog

Avacyn, Good Dog

Avacyn is 90% english mastiff and 10% lab. She is still a puppy, but will eventually grow to weigh around 150lbs! She eats 7-8 cups of food a day and takes a lot of naps. Avacyn loves people, other dogs, cats, and treats! Her favorite trick to do is to spin in a circle. She is scared of garbage cans.