Month: February 2018

What to Do When You Have Water Damage

water damage, restoration, dryers

What To Do When You Have Water Damage Freezing rain, melting snow, and ice build-up are common during Michigan winters. Unfortunately for homeowners, unpredictable weather can sometimes cause unpredictable disasters. Whether it’s a roof leak caused by ice dams or a basement flood due to melting snow or a burst pipe, it’s important to understand
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Atex in the News


Atex Builders in the News! We were featured in the Gazette because of our participation in the Macomb Spring Home Show! Check it out:

Roofing Vents – Worth the Expense?

roofing, shingles, chimney

Roofing Vents – Worth the Expense? Long story short: YES!   Proper ventilation of your roof and attic can save you money in three major ways.   1. Increased longevity Ventilation improves the overall life of your roof by allowing air flow. Good air flow prevents potential damage from moisture which can cause roof failure.
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5 Forms of Flashing – Know Your Roof!

Flashing, roofing, shingles, owens corning, roof repair

5 Forms of Flashing: Know Your Roof! Flashing Flashing is a roofing term that refers to uniquely shaped pieces of metal, plastic, or composite that protect your roof by directing the flow of water away from vulnerable areas. Without flashing, roofs would be susceptible to water damage in the form of lifting shingles, leaks, mold,
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